You are putting  a lot on the line for your college education...we are too.

4 for 3

In it's third year we offer this promise to incoming students who apply and are accepted as Institute Leaders. Because of the generosity of our donor base, you can now get 4 years of college for the price of 3. We cannot condense the course load and learning environments down to three years like some colleges are doing, but we can give you the fourth year free if you meet the criteria.* What a goal to work towards while you are learning and doing ministry with the best theorists and practitioners. Stay on track and get a huge payoff in four years.


We are so confident that our plans to equip you for ministry are real and measurable that we will guarantee all Institute Leaders a ministry position* that meets our qualifications for where we’d want our graduates to be placed in one of the 10,000 growing churches in America.

Hey, we are people, too, and we just think in today’s economy, you ought to Get It Guaranteed as much as possible. We know that you are listening to God’s call on your life. It takes faith to follow Him as He leads you into ministry. Our job in this partnership between you and God is to make sure you land somewhere suitable for you upon graduation. We not only steer you to a ministry, but we coach you for a year once you are there.


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