Dear Prospective Student-Athlete,

I am excited to announce the startup of our Athletic Department with four intercollegiate sports this Fall 2017.   With the merge of Nebraska Christian College and Hope International University this last summer, we have come to a pivotal and historical point for our NC campus as we partner with HIU to lead both institutions into the future for Christian Higher Education. 

We are in the process of actively recruiting Christian student-athletes for our four sports: Women’s Soccer, Men’s Soccer, Women’s Basketball, and Men’s Basketball. We are pursuing membership in the NCCAA Division I-Central Region with a goal to also compete in the NAIA. This is the first time in NCC history that the school is offering athletic scholarships to student-athletes. 

Our vision is to find students that have a desire and passion for spiritual growth, academic excellence, and athletic achievement. We want to build a competitive athletic program but also continue to holistically (spiritually, intellectually, and physically) nourish any student that comes to NCC as they prepare for their field of study.

If you are interested in learning more about each of our Athletic Programs, please fill out the Recruitment Form below or contact me for more information.

Willie Williams, MS, MA

Athletic Director,
Men's Basketball Coach

Mobile: 303.947.1797

frequently asked questions

What type of institution are you (2-year/4-year)?

We are a four-year Private Christian Institution.

Where are you located?

Just outside Omaha, Nebraska in the city of Papillion.

 Do you have dorms on campus?

Yes-we have beautiful ‘suite style’ dorms.

What is the cost to attend NC?

Click here for all projected cost including tuition, room & board, and fees.

Do you have athletic scholarships?

Yes - each student-athlete will receive an athletic scholarship.

What four sports do you offer?

Women’s Soccer, Men’s Soccer, Women’s Basketball, & Men’s Basketball.

What are all the majors you offer?

A complete list of available programs is available here.

What are the requirements to get admitted into your institution?

Application, 2.5 or higher GPA, 18 or higher ACT, Statement of Faith. 

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