Launched in 2014, The Center for Rural Church Advancement (CRCA) is a partnership of NC and the Unstuck Group to serve rural churches across the Heartland.

we do three things

Help Rural Churches Advance

through teaching networks, regional gatherings & peer coaching

Resource Rural Church Leaders

with best practices and proven leadership principles

Fill the Future Leadership Pipeline

through awarding scholarships to graduates who are proving to be effective

2020 Vision

Our vision is to see two hundred churches and multi-sites engaged by the CRCA in the next five years. We expect five hundred leaders to be impacted through the strategy of regional gatherings, coaching networks, and peer to peer learning of best practices. 

Regional Gatherings. The CRCA hosts regional gatherings periodically across the heartland and upper midwest, bringing together church leaders for a day of encouragement, teaching, and inspiration. 

Coaching Sessions. From the regional gatherings, coaching networks are formed with Chad Hunt of the Unstuck Group for twelve months of follow-up coaching. This type of engagement is where the real fruit is born in the leadership and direction of rural churches.

Download the complete 2020 CRCA vision here

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What Leaders are Saying

Coming up with ideas isn't the problem; identifying the best ideas and implementing them is the problem. This is why I have enjoyed these coaching networks.
- Troy Reynolds Senior Pastor of Journey, Wayne, NE

CRCA, and Chad Hunt have helped me to lead better. Our attendance is up 25% over a year ago, and baptisms are up 100%. A 133 year-old church in a shrinking community can advance the Gospel.
- John Erickson, Senior Pastor of Sutherland Church of Christ, Sutherland, IA

CRCA Scholarship Fund

What is true in churches in all communities is also true in rural America: we must call the best we can find, equip them in a different way, and deploy them for ministry effectiveness.

In this spirit, the CRCA seeks to pay off student loans to those who enter a rural church ministry in a town of 10,000 or less. These scholarships are given as finances allow, and must be applied for through Nebraska Christian College. Look for more information soon.





First Church of Christ
722 North 2nd Street, Cherokee, IA 51012


Saturday, March 5, 2016. Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Resurrecting the Rural Church


To provide tools for developing your ministry in Western Iowa rural churches.


No Registration Fee. An offering will be received and any surplus will be given to Nebowa Christian Camp.


Come enjoy a day of fellowship, leadership breakouts, inspiring worship, and encouragement from leaders in rural ministry such as: Brian Rudesill, Senior Minister, Hidden Valley Community Church, Platteville, WI; Dan and Niqee Huff, Legacy Ministries, Rapid City, SD, and others. 


  • Prayer as an Outreach
  • Collaborative Works
  • Personal Missions
  • ...more!

Nursery and Child Care through Grade 4 provided.

Presented by Nebraska Christian College

Hosted by:

Cozad Christian Church
821 Avenue F, Cozad, Nebraska 69130 


Saturday, March 19, 2016. Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm


Reigniting the Zeal in Your Local Church 


To provide tools for developing your ministries in Central and Western Nebraska small churches.


No Registration Fee. Offering will be received and any surplus will be given to Pibel Christian Camp.


Come enjoy a day of fellowship, leadership breakouts, inspiring worship, and encouragement from leaders in rural ministry including: 

Main speaker:

David Parrish, President, Summit Christian College, Gering, NE. David, a 1979 graduate of Summit Christian College, became president of the college following 28 years of service with Pioneer Bible Translators. David established the first vernacular Literacy and Bible Translation project among the Mbore people of Papua New Guinea and served as a Bible translator and national translation team supervisor among them for 16 years before assuming the position of the Vice President and Director of Field Operations. David and his wife, Alice have been a team in all of his ministries. They have 3 daughters, all raised on the mission field, who are excited about missions.