College is a serious investment for your future. It isn’t easy to do, but with a little creativity, hard work, and understanding you can navigate the options before you. We believe it is worth it. Below is some information that will help you as you prayerfully consider your own financial future and NC. As always please contact us if you have questions. We are here to help you when you need it. You are not alone.

affordable options

There are a variety of assistance options available to prospective NC students and their families to help make college more affordable. Students can take advantage of a wide variety of institutional scholarships, awards, and grants as well as federal grants, loans, and work study options. Students are eligible to receive one institutional scholarship + one award + one grant. Institutional scholarships are based on a student’s full-time enrollment (12 or more NC credit hours per semester), academic achievement, and community service. Please refer to the back for details about the following awards:

  • Institute Scholarship
  • President’s Scholarship
  • Dean’s Scholarship
  • Nebraska Scholarship 


Estimate your cost of attendance at


FAFSA is available for application, starting January 1st. This is required in order to receive any institutional scholarships, grants, or loans.

Complete the FAFSA at and enter school code: 001252.