Ministry Positions

Our mission to create church leaders doesn't stop at graduation. We want our graduates to be in ministry for the long haul, serving in growing and healthy churches.

Because finding or hiring for a ministry requires a unique mixture of competence, character, chemistry, and calling, we believe that a networked approach best matches candidates and churches for longterm partnerships.  We believe that 3-5 solid recommendations are much better than an inbox filled with 100+ resumes.  This is why we believe strongly in the ministry and mission of The Slingshot Group.

Open Ministry List

We do, however, understand that some churches either prefer the "posting" approach or want to "see what's out there." To that end, we have provided the listing below.  We have not vetted, nor checked the accuracy of the information, but only seek to be a place where like-minded partners can find each other. 

(Please note this list is not intended for internships, NC student employment, or residency. For more on all of those positions see the Students Serving page.